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WellFit Advanced Skin CareTreatments

REVOLUTIONARY full body skincare treatments, POWERFUL formulas, EFFORTLESS application.

Your new ally for healthy, balanced skin.


Imagine this: balanced skin that looks, and feels healthier, and all it takes is a quick step into a personalized spray system. Forget the multi-step routines, messy lotions, and endless product bottles. WellFit redefines skincare with powerful, daily treatments delivered in seconds through a revolutionary automated spray system.


Choose from three potent treatment options—HYDRATE, LIFT, & RECOVER—each meticulously tailored to address common skin concerns. These skincare formulas actively restore, revive, and balance the overall health of your skin.



Rediscover your skins natural radiance with our revolutionary collagen boosting treatment. WellFit LIFT is an advanced spray formula created with a unique molecular weight to easily absorb into the skin, replenishing and restoring collagen levels at a cellular level, making skin look (and act) healthier, plumper, brighter, and younger! Our potent C-Lift Peptide Complex™ is Argireline® Peptide & vitamin enriched.


  • Stimulates relative collagen density and visibly reduces fine lines by 33%

  • Increases glycerol release, stimulating removal of fat from cells. This stimulation is also known as lipolysis.

  • Promotes skin matrix reconstruction resulting in firmer, healthier skin.

Option 1


WellFit HYDRATE is formulated to dive deep into the inner cells of the skin, actively restructuring the moisture barrier. Our patented Tri-Hydro Boost Complex™ containing Triluronic Acid™, features three distinctive molecular weights, meticulously crafted to penetrate multiple layers of the skin. Setting WellfFit apart from the conventional topical moisturizers and ensuring a targeted and comprehensive approach to hydration.


  • Fermented fractions of hyaluronic acid specifically tailored to optimize performance of skincare.

  • Enhances overall skincare product performance, offering not just moisture but also improved efficacy for everyday products.

  • Hydrates, moisturizes, soothers and repairs skin barrier of outer most layer of the stratum corneum.

Option 2


Indulge in revitalizing skin recovery with WellFit RECOVER, engineered to replenish essential electrolytes lost during daily activities and workouts, offering a refreshing burst of cooling relief for instant revitalization. Infused with our Nitro+Mineral Complex™, this formula effortlessly delivers crucial amino acids and minerals, ensuring efficient absorption and replenishment to the skin's protective barrier. Experience the ultimate nourishing care for your skin!


  • Refuels vital amino acids lost due to physical activity, for restorative health.

  • Essential minerals restructure the skin barrier for vibrancy, improved elasticity, and smoother texture.

  • Cooling sensation for an instant revitalizing recovery experience.

Option 3
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