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FAQ's For
UV Tanning

Q. Can I get a tan after one session?


A. Not necessarily. The skin needs a few tanning sessions to allow the skin to oxidize its melanin, darken and produce a tan. This process cannot be rushed. Your tan will begin to deepen within 3-5 sessions, depending upon the amount of melanin within your skin. Consider adding a custom airbrush to your UV sessions to achieve a darker appearance more quickly.

Q. Do I need to protect my lips?


A. Absolutely! Lips will burn easily and repeatedly unless you protect them with lip balms or sunscreen.


Q. Is eye protection really necessary?


A. Yes. The FDA requires protection for the eyes. Night Blindness, lack of color perception, retinal ulcers, and possible blindness are consequences of not protecting the eyes. Using a towel, coins, cotton balls or regular sunglasses are not acceptable alternatives.

Q. Can I tan in the nude?


A. Yes! We clean our equipment with hospital grade sanitizer and our trained staff cleans the equipment before you tan. However, cover all previously unexposed areas for the majority of your tanning session for the first few visits. Leave your swimming suit or underwear on and remove clothing for the last few minutes of tanning; -thus slowly exposing this skin. Gradually increase the exposure to these areas, giving the skin time to build melanin production and avoiding painful burning to sensitive areas.


Q. How do I prevent my tan from fading? 


A. The tanning process takes place in the epidermis (top layer of skin). The epidermis replaces itself approximately once a month. As the skin sheds, tans gradually begin to fade. Skin cells that have shed lay on the skin’s surface until shaved or washed off. Since these skin cells also tan, the skin sheds or loses some of its tan when it is cleansed.

Because you lose a lot of your tan from showering, we always recommend waiting as long as possible to shower after you’ve tanned.

Using both an accelerating lotion before you tan and a tan-extending moisturizer (like iExtend Moisturizer) after you tan prolongs the life of your tan. Moist skin tans best and takes longer to exfoliate so you keep your tan longer.

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