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At Baja Beach, we are confident you will get the absolute best tan every time. Our lamps or changed 50% sooner than the manufacturer suggests so you will always tan with fresh lamps! Our trained staff cleans the tanning beds because you are not visiting Baja to clean. We want you to relax and enjoy your session. Let one of our Wellness Experience Specialists give you a tour and help you select what level of tanning is right for you!


Baja Beach Tanning Beds-26.jpg
Diamond Alpha

This bed will deepen and darken your tan like no other bed can. Choose from 3 different tan settings; Mediterranean, Basic, or the Caribbean. Aromatherapy, aqua misters, Bluetooth audio capability, and an air-conditioned cabin will provide you with the ultimate tanning experience. 

Diamond P9
This is a luxury tanning bed who's design was inspired by Porsche - it combines the most advanced tanning technology with the addition of collagen boosting lamps! 
NEW P9 bed.jpg
Baja Beach Tanning Beds-9.jpg
Diamond P90

If you need the fastest tanning results look no further. The P90s unique open design and high-pressure bulbs allow you to get the quickest possible color. This bed features adjustable face and body intensity, adjustable turbofans, mp3 audio capability, aromatherapy, and aqua misters.  

Platinum Avantgarde

Curved acrylic helps you bronze difficult to tan areas while making you feel like you are relaxing in a beach chair! Features facial, shoulder, and neck tanners; combined with climate control air conditioning and you’ll emerge refreshed and feeling great!

Baja Beach Tanning Beds-1.jpg
Baja Beach Tanning Beds-25.jpg
Platinum Classic

Designed to alleviate pressure points and help you tan hard to reach areas. This bed features facial, shoulder, and neck tanners.​

Gold Premier

Mini-bomb with a longer max tan time and facial lamps to give your face a quick golden color.

Baja Beach Tanning Beds-12.jpg
Baja Beach Tanning Bomb Bed-.jpg
Gold Bomb

Color enhancing king sized bed develops your color fast!

Gold Stand-Up

High-intensity stand-up with more lamps for faster color development.

Baja Beach Tanning Beds-15.jpg
Baja Beach Tanning Beds-11.jpg
Silver Bed

Basic level bed to develop instant color.

Silver Stand-Up

Helps to even out tan lines and focuses on your upper body.

Baja Beach Tanning Beds-18.jpg
Baja Beach Tanning Beds-14.jpg
Bronze Bed 

This bed will help you lock in and deepen your tan, great for a long nap!

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