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FAQ's For Sunless Tanning

Q. How long until I can shower?


A. Our sunless solution requires a minimum of 8 hours to fully develop. We recommend waiting the full 12 hours before showering, sweating, washing hands, etc. Your Wellness Experience Specialist will always tell you exactly when to shower to achieve the results you are looking for. 


Q. How long does the tan last?


A. You'll see your color last approximately 4-7 days on average, as long as you're taking care of your skin. In order to ensure the longevity of your tan, be sure to shower with body wash designed to prolong your spray tan such as iShower or Norvell Ph Balanced Body Cleanser and moisturize with iExtend or Norvell Body Butter. For the duration of the tan, avoid body scrubs and other exfoliating products until after your color has faded.


Q. Can I wear make up the day of my spray tan?


We recommend you do not wear any makeup to your appointment. A few hours after your appointment you are able to put on light makeup if needed on eyes and lips but not the skin directly.


Q. When can I shave?

If you do not shave the suggested 24 hours before your appointment, you will need to wait 24 hours after your appointment. When you do shave, use a brand new razor.


Q. What do most people wear during a spray tan?


It is your personal preference and comfort level. Some choose to wear bottoms, go nude or wear a swimsuit. You can wear as much or as little as you want for your session. 


Q. I'm doing this for a special event. When should I come in?


A. We recommend coming in 2 days before any scheduled event, as your spray tan will be its peak color 48 hours after application. For example: If you're in/attending a wedding on Saturday, we would suggest coming in on Thursday of that week. If you're going on vacation, however, we recommend coming in as close to the date of departure as possible. This will ensure your color lasts as long as possible throughout your time away.  Another example: If you're leaving for a cruise on Wednesday, we would recommend scheduling your appointment for Tuesday, the day prior to your trip. Of course, scheduling is always flexible, so call or email us with any questions, or if you're looking for suggestions.

Q. Does a spray tan prevent me from burning in the sun?


A. Although spray tanning gives you a natural-looking tan, it works much differently than UV tanning. With spray tanning, we do not use UV rays - the spray solution interacts with the amino acids in your skin to give you that bronzed look, without UV exposure. At the end of the process, you have the cosmetic bronzed look, but your skin will still react to the sun as if it were completely un-radiated. We always recommend protecting your skin with SPF to prevent sunburn.


Q. I'm going on vacation - is there anything I need to know?


A. Don't forget the SPF! As mentioned above, you should treat your skin as if it were completely unradiated, despite how dark your spray tan may be. Chlorine and saltwater tend to act as an exfoliant to the skin - if you'll be swimming in a pool or the ocean, limit your time, otherwise, your tan will not last quite as long.


Q. My friend and I both got the same color depth. Why don't we have the same final result?


A. Your final color depth depends on your original skin tone. Just as everyone responds to the sun's rays differently, spray tanning does not make everyone the same color, either. If two people, one with very light skin tone, the other with a slightly deeper skin tone, both choose to tan at the "medium" color depth, the client with the slightly deeper skin tone will end up darker once developed. Our sunless solutions work with your skin tone to create a customized tan. As always, the professionally trained staff at Baja Beach Wellness are ready to help choose a color depth for each client based on their skin tone, and what end result they would like to achieve.


Q. Will the solution change my hair color? What about my clothes?


A. The solution we use is designed not to absorb to hair follicles. When you shower after the initial application, any solution that may have gotten into your hair will rinse out. As a guard against seeing cosmetic bronzers during the development period, we typically recommend women who have had their hair recently processed blonde wear a hair cap during their session. All our sunless solutions are water-soluble, meaning the will rinse out of regular fabrics. We do recommend that you avoid wearing silk or satin materials, as, over multiple applications, the solution does tend to tint these fabrics a light shade of pink.


Q. I've tried dozens of different sunless products, and I always turn orange. What's the deal?


A. All products and solutions have varying quality. Low-quality products have a higher tendency to turn user’s orange. If, however, you're having issues with high-quality products, it could simply be due to your skin's own chemistry. Factors such as acidic skin, hormonal imbalances, and even improperly prepped skin could have a huge impact on the way your spray tan turns out. During our custom airbrush sessions at Baja Beach Wellness, we always provide a pH Balancing Treatment that balances the pH levels of your skin, giving us a perfectly balanced complexion to start with. The pH treatment also evens out dryer areas of skin, preventing over-absorption in those areas, creating a much more even, natural-looking tan overall. To truly ensure a tan that is not orange please use our products before, during and after your tan. We cannot guarantee a flawless tan if other products are used.


Q. I've had a bad experience with sunless before. Are all solutions/applications the same?


A. Absolutely not! As with any other product on the market, sunless solutions are manufactured with different qualities. Over time, sunless has evolved exponentially. Here at Baja Beach Wellness, we use the most progressive equipment and sunless solutions to ensure the most natural-looking tan possible.


Q. I'm pregnant. Can I get a spray tan? Will you tan pregnant women?


A. We love spraying pregnant bellies! We will absolutely spray tan pregnant women. However, we do require a doctors note. Also, there are no toxins absorbed or breathed in during your session.

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