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We exclusively carry MR International tanning products to pamper your skin and get you the ultimate tan you are looking for. Our lotions can be used for indoor tanning, help prevent fine lines and wrinkles, provide vitamins and minerals your skin needs, and enhance and lengthen your tanning results. We offer a wide variety of options to meet individual needs at a variety of price points. Whether you’re looking for the best tanning lotions for sensitive skin, a great value or top-of-the-line luxury products, we have the best indoor tanning lotions designed for you.


MR Tanning lotions can be used outdoors, too! Just be advised that the lotions do not have SPF, be sure to use one as well.

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The use of lotions is an absolute necessity when tanning indoors. There are many benefits to using a lotion which plays a vital role in the outcome of your result.


Using a lotion while tanning keeps the skin moisturized which leads to better magnification for maximum tanning results. Without the use of lotion, the skin is dry and deflects UV light. Moisturized skin will absorb the UV light, helping to influence the tanning process for a faster, deeper, darker tan.

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The 2 Types of Lotions


Accelerators are also referred to as Pure Lotions, Non-bronzers, Natural Bronzers, or Intensifiers.

Accelerators have ingredients that will speed up the tanning process! They will nourish your skin with vitamins and nutrients that are key to achieving sunkissed, glowing skin!


Lotions with bronzers work like accelerators; they have key ingredients to speed up the tanning process PLUS a boost of self tanner! Bronzers will give you an added boost of color that you will notice anywhere from 2-24 hours after your tanning session. The amount of self tanner in bronzing lotions range from light to moderate to black bronzing. Ask a Certified Tanning Consultant what lotion would be best for you!

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Bronzed By Baja

This Limited Edition formula was created in celebration of YOU…the loyal customers of Baja Beach Tanning Club!

With fast acting self-adjusting bronzers, Bronzed By Baja was created for all skin types! This lotion was hand crafted with multiple melanin stimulators and dark tan activators to give your skin the color it’s craving...FAST! Added Tattoo & Color Fade Protection to keep you tanner, longer. Anti-aging, firming, fine line and wrinkle reducing properties will ensure your skin gets the special treatment it deserves. 


Your color is always flawless when you’re Bronzed by Baja!

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